Witch City Double Trouble

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This bundle includes both Salem-themed short story anthologies from FunDead Publications.

One Night in Salem (released 9/30/17) & Shadows in Salem (released 9/6/16)

About One Night in Salem

Throngs of tourists pack the streets from Derby to Essex. Costumed children and adults visit haunted attractions and browse t-shirt shops and street vendors’ booths. A veiled figure appears, and you catch her out of the corner of your eye, but she quickly disappears into the crowd… or perhaps into thin air? The night is filled with laughter and screams as the living walk shoulder to shoulder with the dead.

Halloween in Salem has expanded into a month-long celebration of all things creepy, but in four hundred years of history, October 31st has held many mysterious customs and dark events, lost and forgotten in the passing of decades. From the cursed Puritan settlers to the Great Salem Fire of 1914, and the whispers of war in 1812 to the story of a bullet hole in an alley on Gedney Street, travel through time, as ghosts mingle with the living, glimpsing the Witch City on the most important night of the year, October 31st. Available 9/30/17.

About Shadows in Salem

For anyone who knows the history, Salem, Massachusetts has more than a few stories to tell. Travel to the Witch City within the pages of these collected short stories, and know the captivating nature of one of the oldest towns in America.

Feel the summer breeze at Salem Willows and smell the scent of mulled cider drifting down Derby Street. See the wharf from a birds-eye-view, feel your toes in the sand while the sun sets over Dead Horse Beach, and find the secrets that reside in the very cracks of three-hundred-year-old tombstones in the Old Burying Ground. Spend a night among ghosts and witches and know the magic of Salem, where myth and legend collide with truth. Do beware, dear friends, for the Witch City has a dark side, and there is more to those legends than what you might read in the pages of a dusty old book. Remember to look over your shoulder, for you never know what shadows follow you down that dimly lit corridor.