"Walls of Ash" by Amber Newberry

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Tamsin Rhineholt is a stubborn and unconventional daughter of Rhineholt House. In a time when young ladies were bred to wed and follow orders, she finds herself faced with decisions that could lead her into the arms of love, or into danger. With the discovery of harrowing family secrets, Tamsin’s sweet dreams of her mother become dark, terrifying nightmares, warning her of the terrible things to come. A great mystery that surrounds her mother’s disappearance could be the key to the evil that pursues her, but when everything is snatched away, she falls into desperation that only one can save her from. Can he be her salvation, or will it be too late?

Written by Amber Newberry

Genre: Gothic, Gothic Romance, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance

Independently self-published in 2012.

Follow-up novella available here soon! Sequel novel coming soon!