About FunDead

FunDead Publications is located in Salem, Massachusetts, a city which has provided endless inspiration to writers of every genre for hundreds of years. Established by Amber Newberry in late 2015, FunDead released its first collection, Shadows in Salem, in October of 2016. Since then, FunDead has published a Christmas anthology, O Horrid Night, and regularly posts new writers on their blog. Devoted to providing a space for scribblers new to publishing, as well as veterans of independent and traditional means, Amber Newberry hopes to keep the age old art of story-telling alive and well in The Witch City.

With a love for horror, gothic fiction, and all things macabre, FunDead brings a little joy to those who prefer the dark side. Night in New Orleans is the first print release of 2017, to be followed by a Salem-inspired poetry collection in the summer, and a Halloween-themed sister anthology to Shadows in Salem for the fall.

Visit FunDeadPublications.com to see our submission calls and read our blog!