Amber Newberry is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of FunDead Publications. A horror-obsessed fanatic, she is known for watching the worst of any gory B-movie franchise.  Her love of writing dark, gothic, and horror fiction, and helping others advance their own literary pursuits, brought her to the realization that FunDead needed to become a reality.  Since FunDead Publications started, it has evolved into a small Indie publishing house located in Salem, MA.  Amber has published a gothic romance novel called, Walls of Ash, a novella called The Widow's Blessing, and has been a featured writer on BloodyDisgusting.com.  She is currently in the writing stages of a follow-up to Walls of Ash, as well as two YA novels set to release... eventually. You can find her author website here. Newberry is also a member of the Horror Writers Association.


Laurie Moran is the Executive Editor of FunDead Publications. A lover of the macabre, quirky, and cute, she wishes it were Halloween every day. When she isn't reading or editing Amber Newberry's writing, she likes to make costumes, cupcakes, and tiny cemeteries. This chick edits for FUN!  Seriously.  Break out the straitjacket and men in white coats.  Laurie lives in Lynn, Massachusetts, and works and plays in Salem, Massachusetts.

Laurie's tiny cemeteries and headstone jewelry can now be found on the FunDead Shop! The Cemeterrarium is now a part of FunDead and you can check out the available pieces and act fast because those babies go quick! Follow her on Instagram for more photos of her DIYing.


Erin Crocker is an Editor at FunDead Publications. She is a bubble-bath enthusiast with a flair for cheesecake and Adele Karaoke. Originally from Missouri, she moved to Virginia in 2007 where she graduated with honors from Germanna Community College with a degree in General Studies of Applied Arts and Sciences with an emphasis in police science and a Certificate of Education. A few migraines later, she earned her Bachelor's in English, Linguistics, and Communications from the University of Mary Washington. She is the author of the 'Sync' series, the Chronicles of Ashzaria, and Finding Avalon. Find Ashzaria & Avalon on Erin's website.


Bret Valdez is an Editor at FunDead Publications. He is a native Floridian with a New York City soul and an Italian appetite. He spends much of his free time lucid daydreaming of writing the way Lars von Trier directs (you guessed it -- he's a Pisces). His literary influences include Edgar Allen Poe and his favorite author, Stephen King. When he's not hard at work writing for FunDead anthologies or helping fellow writers in their creative endeavors, he is probably supposed to be working on his debut new-adult novel but is more than likely playing Minecraft and eating pizza. Contact Bret via Facebook or Twitter.


Meg Wasmer is the FunDead Publications Industry Liason. She started her career in literature as a bookseller at Borders, and even saw her time with them through until her home store closed its doors forever. Being an avid booklover from childhood on, Meg didn't let that stop her and she has continued to work in the field she is most passionate about, eventually taking over Hugo Books' newest and most unique location in Beverly. When asked about authors she loves to read and recommend, Meg said this: "David Eddings is the Author that made me a fantasy reader, Robin McKinley created the world I most like to visit, Mike Carey’s Lucifer is my favorite graphic novel, and I will buy anything he writes without even reading the description." You can follow Meg's bookstore on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!